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Tuesday, 22 June 2021

Adding More,More,More!

 I get out of breath playing chess - Billy Connolly
Welcome to my interesting Tuesday 💪
I massaged my hubby's lower back as he is still suffering from yesterday trying to carry the heavy sofa into the house!
Then hug with brew.
Get's one son up for school.
Then I give out my sloppy wet 💋💋💋 before I left.
It was not very warm...
Still had to put on the big big sunglasses 🕶
I had to put on my lightweight jacket under my Summer Coat, as it wasn't that warm!
Tree Shot↑↑↑
 A lorry driver was trying to deliver the huge trailer containing the Breast Screening Unit.
He got it in the car park, then started to unrevel the stairs etc.
Lambo must be staying a home now, as haven't seen it at all for nearly 2 weeks.
Some cars drivers had to slam their brakes on  as I walked across the road....
I finished in one piece.
I looked at what was delivered earlier...
Now to take off the coat and off to get some pots and NO Plants...
I couldn't find anything to wipe the trolleys down with :(
One was walking around with no facemask on.
Lots of lovely plants...
I need the half price pots....
3 bags of compost.
Back home to unload Sexy Beast.
I was careful with my back lifting out the compost. 
Washing machine went back on twice.
Hung all the washing out on the lines.
Loaded up the dishwasher and put it on.
Then I made a chicken casserole for tonight's tea.
All put in the red casserole pot and in the oven.
Then the temperatures went down, there was cloud cover and the sun disappeared!
It was so cold,
the soup had to come out for lunch!
Now out for the afternoon shift.
Suddenly there was blue sky and it was feeling warm!
As I go and put on my lights.
I chat with the woman who gave me some free plants on Friday. She was doing yet more gardening. She showed me her lovely back garden full of plants, and gave me more plants for my garden.
I thanked her so much and put the plants in Sexy Beast. 
I had a good afternoon, most of the cars stopped, some didn't want to , but had no choice.
Stop or windscreen...
Back home to do some more gardening.
Now to use the pots and compost I bought earlier...
Hubby came back for a nice hug.
Time to serve up the grub!
The old sofa is being collected by the Council on Thursday.
We had a few hours of sorting out the bills, as we have to look for a new provider of our gas and electric,as we changed last year, and the supplier went bump next day, and it's took this long to get the final bill!
Lovely full moon tonight!
It was getting cold as well....
The bedroom window was shut and we jumped under the 16 tog duvet to keep warm.....
Let's hope Hump day tomorrow will be warmer!