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Monday, 9 August 2021

1-2-3 Go!

Superman don't need no seat belt.
Superman don't need no airplane, either.
- Muhammad Ali and flight attendant 
Welcome to my Monday 👍
Nice big hug to start Monday with.
Brew with Breakfast followed....
Hubby is back to work.....
I gave him a sloppy wet 💋 before he left for work...
I got dressed...
Lots to get done...
Rain is due in, so no washing going outside...
3 loads of wet washing went in the tumble drier.
The washing machine went back on,
As so did the coffee machine.....
Now to wrap a Birthday present up...
Got one half of the present but had to look a bit harder for the other bit, as tidied up the area I thought I had put and it had been moved!!!
Finally found it!
Wrote out the Birthday Card.
All wrapped up!
Coffee time!
There was a little window opening up...
Kids got up, and had their breakfast.
Time for a little ride out...
I gets the newspaper on the way to where we were getting some fresh air...
At least the sun is shining!
Fed the ducks.
Skimming stones
Now to play Pooh sticks..
Dropped overboard.
My came first, then got stuck in a tree root!
Now to see my mum and dad for ten minutes the sunshine, not like yesterday in the rain!
I had to move the car, as some ashes were being buried opposite where my car was parked.
I will remove the 80th Balloon when it has gone down.
Back home.
Light lunch
I started to write yesterday's blog post.
Time for Tea at 3.
Then I wrote the blog entry for 31/7
I put the tea on.
Hubby comes home.
(His dad is staying with his other son)
I give him a sloppy wet 💋
Dishes up the meat free Stir Fry.
Better open the Amazon boxes that arrived earlier...
I won't have to worry about running out of coffee beans now!
While hubby was snoozing...
I wrote 1/8's blog post.
Now to look in today's newspaper.
Bernard  McCullough, better known by his stage name Bernie Mac, was an American actor and comedian. Born and raised on Chicago's South Side, Mac gained popularity as a stand-up comedian. He joined fellow comedians Steve Harvey, Cedric the Entertainer, and D. L. Hughley in the film The Original Kings of Comedy. After briefly hosting the HBO show Midnight Mac, Mac appeared in several films in smaller roles. His most noted film roles were as Frank Catton in the 2001 remake of Ocean's Eleven and as the title character of Mr. 3000. He was the star of his eponymous show, which ran from 2001 through 2006, earning him two Emmy Award nominations for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series. Mac's other films included starring roles in Mo Money, Booty Call, Friday, B*A*P*S, Life, The Players Club, Head of State, Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle, Bad Santa, Guess Who, Pride, Soul Men, Transformers, Old Dogs, and Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa
He died on this day in 2008 aged 50.
Time for a quick sleep tea.
More Fun tomorrow...





Thursday, 20 August 2020

Here,There, Everywhere Looking....

Only fools are positive - Moe Howard
Welcome to my Thursday 🎈
Lots to do......
 Brew and Hug↑
Was late getting out of the house to for a daily walk.
In Sexy Beast we go↓
  I gave hubby a sloppy 💋 when he left for work.
Now to read the newspaper↓
 James Whittaker  known professionally as Jim Bowen, was an English stand-up comedian and television personality. He was the long-time host of the ITV game show Bullseye, which he presented from its beginning in 1981 through to the end of its original run in 1995.He would have been 83 years old.🎈
He died aged 80 in 2018 
John Lantree, English bass guitarist with the 1960s pop group, The Honeycombs.He is 80 years old 🎈
   With the first cup of coffee of the day↓
 One of my son's got his GCSE exam results↓
 He is waiting on 3 exam grades.
Very Proud Mum 
More nice material came again↓
 I got tonight's tea made.
Beef Stew and Dumplings
In the stew pan, in the oven for later.

 I got my blog wrote from yesterday.
 Let's see how hot it is the USA↓
Now to make some more facemasks↓
 Now to change the colour of the bobbin↓
 Belated Tea at 3↓
 Done more facemasks↓
Tea was served up!
 I had to nip out to get a few cans of Polish.
First stop was↓
 None in there.
Tried our local Aldi.
None in there.
Last try↓
 Wearing one of my facemasks I made earlier↓
 I got two cans of Polish!
Woo hoo.
Then off to work when I got back home.
Big Tune↓
I found out that I had sold 4 of the facemasks that I had made earlier, I didn't even know they were for sale????
I was glad to get back home.
Hubby was having a soak in the bath...
I nearly jumped in the bath with him,
However there may have been a problem for one of us to get back out!
Later on,
One more episode of↓
With a nice bit of whippy cream and sleep tea↓
 The Friday Feeling is back tomorrow...
Hubby is working from home....