Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Thursday 29 February 2024

Time To Dance....

"I said to the First Officer,"Gad, that sun's hot," to which he replied, "Well, you shouldn't touch it." - Spike Milligan.
Welcome to February πŸ’•
I have had a busy month with one thing and another.
I will get the blog updated soon.
My PC was out of action so that blew my plans apart!
I had a lovely Valentine's Day πŸ’• 
I got a 1980s's Sindy House to house all my newly acquired Sindy Dolls↓
It was my real Birthday on February 29th🎈🎈
The sequins had to come out....↓
I had so many cards, flowers, nice words and waves off everyone doing my Lollipop job.
At least I had a good February, 
However, as we are two weeks into March....
It's not going very well :( 
To boost my spirits....
I have been making lots of videos involving my Sindys which won't let me put them on here :(
If you want to see them, they are avaliable to view on TikTok under the name of @sindydollownerover50
Now to shake the blues off with a bit of dancing.....


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