Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Tuesday 10 October 2023

Pass The Fan Over Please!

I bought a self-help tape called How to Handle Disappointment. 
I got it home and the box was empty - Jonathan Droll
Welcome to my hot temperature Tuesday 😶
Still blowing a high temperature!
Breakfast and Brew.
Hubby had to go and get another tyre.
We have 3 tyre places to choose from within half a mile of home.
The normal tyre place we go to is a bit too far to go with the condition of the tyre.
I get dressed and need a much needed Lemsip as I feel terrible :(
Hubby comes back with a new tyre.
Collects his bits for work and off he goes.
I get on with writing yesterday's blog post.
Wrote two more from July.
A bit of break from it.
Outside to start up Sexy Beast.
Blowing hot and cold :(
Now for a light lunch.
Has a chat with hubby on his lunch break.
Back to getting the blog updated.
Tea at Three.
I put the tea in the oven.
In the end I published 8 blog posts.
Only got 4 more to write and the blog is up to date, woo hoo :)
Hubby comes back and has a *fist bump*
Tea is ready.
I read yesterday's newspaper.
Now to bingewatch a bit of Gordon↓
Feeling plain awful.
Sleep Tea Time.
Hoping for a better Hump Day 🐫
(that I don't feel so bad!)




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