Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Monday 3 July 2023

No Connection!

I watch about six hours of TV a day.Seven if there's something good on - Bart Simpson
Welcome aboard my Wobbly Work Wheel 🎡
No heatwave today.....👙
Brew and Breakfast.
I'm glad I put trousers on, as it was a bit breezy out there.
Now to leave the house....
I gives hubby a sloppy wet one 😘 before I leave.
I puts on my summer coat and hat.
I puts on my lights and gets my newspaper.
Swaps my newspaper for my big stick.
Goes and puts on my other lights.
Chats with someone about ideas to improve the village.
Now off to work...🍭
Got chatting to lots of people,
Lots of BOINGs handed out to cars failing to stop!
It's still breezy and quite cold.
Finished in one piece.
Got changed, and took some things down to the Charity Shop.
Back home.
The Council had been round to try and service the boiler.
However no one was in.
The Wi-Fi had done down, out came my late father-in-law's radio to listen to Greatest Hits radio.
Unloaded the dish-washer.
Used Henry for a bit of hoovering upstairs.
Coffee time.
Tried to get through to the Council...
No chance...
Sent a email instead.
I had a early lunch.
I have a Committee meeting to attend.
Out I go.
We had a good meeting for over an hour.
We judged the Front Garden Competition.
I brought some cake, and no one ate any ;(
 Once finished, I got my Winter coat and turned on  both lights.
New Pillar box topper appeared:
Met up with four friends.
I had the cake tin back and my two friends enjoyed the slice of Birthday cake I dropped in on Friday.
Nice day for a little bit of a rabbit!
I said goodbye to my friends.
Soon as I started, it started to rain.
I had to give out some BOINGs as they were either not stopping on the otherside or going under my stick!
Finished in one piece.
Now home.
Nice cup of brew is needed.
Time to read today's newspaper.
Early tea time.
Film time...
Great film!
Sleep tea time.
Now to keep the bed warm for hubby.....




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