Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Friday 28 October 2022

The Devil Wears Primark!

The wife said she's like to eat out for a change, so I moved the dining room table into the garden - Les Dawson.
Welcome back to the Friday Feeling 🎈
Nice cup of tea to start the day.
Nice breakfast.
Now to get the tram down to Starr Gate.
We get off at Starr Gate.
We got the bus to Lytham..
Nice bus ride in the sunshine!
Once we got there, time to look around the Charity Shops.
There is loads and not too expensive!
Got loads of lovely things!
We had a takeaway coffee and sat in the square before we caught the bus to St Annes.
When we got off, it time to have a look around the Charity Shops. Loads of bargains to be had!
Went to pay a visit to see Les Dawson.
Then back on the bus to Starr Gate.
Waited for a Tram to arrive.
Off at South Shore, 
Back to the Hotel to get ready for our night out!
The Sequins went on!
We go and try and get the tram from South Shore to the North Pier. Every tram was full.
I got some lovely comments about my outfit.
We caught the tram down to Starr Gate.
All the small kids lovely my outfit.
We caught the tram to the North Pier, and then walked up to where we are going to have a great laugh and good time. 
Funny Girls Time.
The man on reception was wearing Devil Horns.
"Nice outfit,"I said.
He said, "The Devil wears Primark!" 
The other man on reception said about my outfit:
"Better to stand out than bland in!" 
We have a lovely meal!
Now to get our seats.
The lovely host and DJ of the evening was Zoe.
Hubby went up with a request.
It was read out:
"To my lovely wife who is dressed head to toe in sequins.Love you loads."
Zoe replied to that was by saying:
"They do sequins in New Look now?"
The song she played was:
Now to watch the show!
There was a woman celebrating her 40th Birthday with her friends. She kept hugging me when she want past. She loved my outfit. She bought me a drink. When she fell down and couldn't get up later, I helped her get up.I gave her friend her mobile phone, and asked:
 "If the Birthday girl was alright?"
"She is fine, we are celebrating again tomorrow night!"
I replied,"Wait she hit the Hawaii 5-0 Birthday!"
"You celebrating it tonight?" I was asked.
"No last February, have a good time tomorrow night!" I replied.
While the last bit of show was on, the women we were sharing the Booth, got up. The one woman who was sat next me, suddenly said to me as she was on the way out:
"Everyone will see you tonight wearing that outfit on the way home!"
I hope so!
We left to catch the tram from the North Pier.
Back to the hotel.
Off went the sequins!
Now to turn off the light 
 Enjoy the nice bed!






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