Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Saturday 30 April 2022

Getting The Make Over Done Part One

I've been on more laps than a napkin - Mae West
Welcome to my Saturday 🏮
I was up early to get two lamp shades from Sainsburys...
I listened to "Sounds of the 60s" on the way to Sainsburys..
I got the lamp shades....↓
Back home.
Brew with breakfast.
Day 1 of tidying up my late father-in-law's house.
Drops off son at work.
I get dropped off at Dunelm to get some nice bits for the house.
Once I paid for it all.
Hubby comes and picks me up.
Now to explore the house and garden.
While I was in the garden,
I heard a man shouting out of the window from next door:
"I hope they are going to fucking clean that shit hole up!"
That's nice, perhaps he should come round for a word with me about it,or I go round and see him!
I started to tidy up the small bedroom.
New lamp shade.
New Voile up in the window.
New rugs down.
Next stop was the bathroom.
I put up our spare shower curtain.
I put new bathmats down in the bathroom.
Then I put some houseplants in the kitchen.
I covered the gas cooker.
Next step was to put up the table and chairs in the Dining Room.
Put two pictures that my parents had in their Living Room. 
They are above the mantlepiece↓
We did enough today.
Time to go home for tea!
Sleep Tea.
Straight to bed as we were both so tired.....





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