Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Monday 10 January 2022

New Guardians Of The Dining Room!

I gave him an unlimited budget and he exceeded it 
- Edward Williams
Welcome back on my Wobbly Work Wheel 🎡
Nice big hug to start Monday with :)
Brew with Breakfast.
2 years ago today my late lovely dad was in hospital for the last time.
He died 26 days later :'(
Lots of layers going on....
Gives hubby a wet sloppy one 💋 
Time to leave the house.
On goes two winter hats and winter gloves.
Now to turn on my lights.
Once put them on, now to walk back down to my spot.
Now for the fun to start....
It went quite well.
Only one BOING for one car that didn't stop on myside.
It was different the otherside.
One yellow car just carried on going even though I stuck my stick well out!
It was nice to have a chat with the parents again!
Survived the morning session.
I gets the newspaper on the way home. 
On goes the coffee maker.
I chopped up the veggies for my Meat - Free Stir Fry later.
Then it's soup time....
Chopped up one sweet potato, two carrots, lots of spices,one leak, and chicken stock.
Now for some coffee....
I wrote yesterday's blog post.
Soup was done in under half an hour.
3 servings in there...
I finished my blog post.
Time for lunch.
Now for part two.
My friend dropped off some lovely stuff for me.
She went off to park her car.
I got my winter hat on with gloves.
I turned on my lights.
Now to enjoy a bit of a rabbit.
Felt better after that!
I said goodbye to my friends.
Now for the afternoon fun...
All was going so well, when I held my stick out in front of me, a red car went straight under it, doing the Limbo Dance as it went under!
A van driver a few cars down, stopped by the side of me, and said:
"You missed a trick by NOT giving the windscreen a crack with the stick!"
"Always next time!" I laughed.
Home Time for me!
 I then got chatting to another friend about his Christmas.
He paid £85 for a Christmas Dinner at a Pub on Christmas Day with his family.
The Starter was nice, Christmas Dinner, He had fish, abit tight on the vegetables he said.
The Cheesecake for pudding was lovely.
He is having his other hand done next week.
He fixed his £500 Spin bike he bought off Amazon.
I wished him good luck for the op next week.
Now home I go.
I had a much needed brew.
I had two more bears....
Now to put up the new Guardians of the Dining Room↓↓
Now to dish up the grub!
Yum Yum.
Now to look into today's newspaper.
Johnny Ray  was an American singer, songwriter, and pianist. Highly popular for most of the 1950s, Ray has been cited by critics as a major precursor to what became rock and roll, for his jazz and blues-influenced music, and his animated stage personality. Tony Bennett called Ray the "father of rock and roll", and historians have noted him as a pioneering figure in the development of the genre. 
He would have been 95 years old 🎈
He sadly died aged 63 in 1990.
The Invaders, starring Roy Thinnes as an architect who learns of an alien invasion already underway, traveling from place-to-place attempting to foil the aliens' plots and warn doubting officials and the public, airs its first episode 55 years ago today in 1967.
USA No.1 on this day in 1976:
 C.W. McCall - Convoy
The first episode of the BBC1 comedy drama series, Lovejoy, with Ian McShane in the lead role of a roguish antiques dealer, was broadcast in 1986. It ran over 6 series, totalling 71 episodes, until 4 December 1994. 
The very first episode of 'The Sopranos' premiered on HBO on this day in 1999.
 It went on to run for six seasons and became one of the most popular and critically acclaimed shows of all time.
Hubby had won his two matches with the lucky cue I bought him for Christmas \o/
Sleep Tea time.
Now to get into that really warm bed with even warmer hands ;)




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