Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Thursday 3 December 2020

Wearing The Lumos!

It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change - Charles Darwin
Welcome to my wet Thursday💦
Those sexy lumo trousers are needed today!
Much needed brew with hug.
Dressed...including those sexy lumo trousers.
And a bit of Christmas wear too..
With Santa hat to warm the brain!
It was already raining when I got into Sexy Beast.
I gave hubby a wet sloppy 💋 before I left.
Wet, dark and cold!
Time to show off the lumo trousers!
It didn't stop raining the whole time I was doing my lollipop job!
When I finished, I was still nice and dry underneath, and hands were as well.
Gets home in the rain.
Hangs up lollipop coat to dry out in the Dining Room with my hat and gloves.
I have a much needed coffee!
Then back out in Sexy Beast.
Now for some singing in the rain....
Quick look in the newspaper↓

I look over the fields of fun...
I worn another handmade mask.
More fun next month,
 Hot dinners are back..
I listened to hits of the mystery year.
Which included:
A great show also started in this year↓
That was a take off advert of the opening intro in 1996↓
Gets home.
Has light lunch
Some Interesting mail....
Coat Sewing Pattern.
Christmas Card
Christmas Makes
Plus a letter from Council asking for the £1000 rent arrears to be paid asap....
The air went blue when I saw it.
Hubby had paid the last two month's rent,
But where has it gone????
We will find out out tomorrow...
Back out in the sexy lumo trousers again...
It didn't help I put the dried gloves in the boot, and one glove fell out and ended up in the puddle on my drive!
More rain I had to put up with!
I survived it!
Gets back home,
Needed a nice warm cup of brew!
Puts tea in the oven.
Get's yesterday's blog wrote.
Tea is served!
More Hell's Kitchen season 12.
We have two more episodes to watch of it.
One more episode of season 19 to watch.
With Sleep Tea...
Friday Feeling is back tomorrow \o/




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