Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Saturday 7 November 2020

Trying Not To Be The Curtain Twitcher!

There's something in life, that's a curtain, and I keep on trying to raise it! -   Maxine Hong Kingston
Welcome to my Saturday 👾
Lots more fun on the sewing machine...
Brew with hug.
Bang bang on the front door.
Some of my stuff has arrived..
"Tell her to stop ordering stuff!" The postman told my hubby.
4 of the 5 parcels were mine, however the fifth one from New Look wasn't!
I got in contact with Gemma via Facebook.
She will pick it up after work.
I had some nice fabric from Fabric shop in Fleetwood, Lancs.
Hubby goes to get the food shopping from Lidl, while younger son does next door neighbour's shopping as well.
The woman comes for her parcel.
We share the same postman.
She can't praise him up enough, even after he wrongly delivered her parcel to me!
Now to get on with sewing the thermal backing on the curtains.
Hubby came back from shopping.
Light lunch...
My new CD arrived \o/

 Hubby put up the new curtain rail.
Then he added the curtain!
Quick Tea at 3.
I finally finished the bathroom curtain.
Now to hang it up!
Even hung up a new curtain in the Kitchen to stop the draughts from out kitchen door.
First half of the washing has been dried.
Next load to be dried, will be tomorrow.
Chicken with wedges for tea.
Back onto Season 5 of Hell's Kitchen.
With some sleep tea.
I normally don't yawn,
But I was tonight......
Nice warm 16 tog duvet awaits.....




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