Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Tuesday, 30 April 2019

No Tongues Given

Hope the ride on that unicorn doesn't hurt too much - my quote in a co-worker's leaving card.
Tuesday is a day of goodbyes...
Co-workers at my jobs are leaving on their unicorns for fields of retirement....
(More about that later..)
I am getting used to getting up early once more....
  I gave out 3 sloppy 💋💋💋 when everyone left.
I had things to get on with after being so busy yesterday....
Coffee First↓
 Bins emptied..
A bit of blogging..
I got talking to my neighbour and forgot about the time!!!
A very late Liquid Lunch!
 The sun was trying to come out..
Double figures↗↗↗↗  
Time for those big big sunglasses to come out...
I get my  newspaper..↓

Quick look of the Birthdays...
Richard Morea, better known by his stage name Burt Young: is an American actor, author and painter. He is best known for his role as Rocky Balboa's brother-in-law and best friend Paulie Pennino in the Rocky film series.
He has also been praised for his roles in Chinatown (1974), The Gambler (1974), Convoy (1978), Uncle Joe Shannon (1978), Once Upon a Time in America (1984), The Pope of Greenwich Village (1984), Back to School (1986), Last Exit to Brooklyn (1990), Transamerica (2005), and Win Win (2011).
He is 79 years old.
Robert Thomas Velline  known professionally as Bobby Vee: was an American singer, songwriter and musician who was a teen idol in the early 1960s and also appeared in films. According to Billboard magazine, he had thirty-eight Hot 100 chart hits, ten of which reached the Top 20 He had six gold singles in his career.
He would have been 76 years old.
(He died aged 73 in 2016)
Leslie  Grantham : was an English actor, best known for his role as "Dirty" Den Watts in the BBC soap opera EastEnders. 
He would have been 72 years old.
(He died aged 71 in 2018)
 Dame  Jane Campion :is a New Zealand screenwriter, producer, and director. Campion is the second of five women ever nominated for the Academy Award for Best Director and is the first—and thus far, only—female filmmaker in history to receive the Palme d'Or, which she received for directing the acclaimed film The Piano (1993), for which she also won the Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay.
She is 65 years old.
Ben E. King: was an American soul and R&B singer and record producer. He was perhaps best known as the singer and co-composer of "Stand by Me"—a US Top 10 hit, both in 1961 and later in 1986 (when it was used as the theme to the film of the same name), a number one hit in the UK in 1987, and no. 25 on the RIAA's list of Songs of the Century—and as one of the principal lead singers of the R&B vocal group the Drifters notably singing the lead vocals of one of their biggest global hit singles (and only U.S. #1 hit) "Save the Last Dance for Me".
He died aged 76 in 2015.
"Silly Love Songs" single released by Wings (Billboard Song of the Year 1976) in 1976.

Gets to my job a bit later than I normally get there....
(I had 20 minutes before I officially start work)
Everyone worrying that I wasn't going to be in...
I just quotes the quote...
"Assumption is the mother of all ......!"
*I find out my co-worker is leaving in July!*
At least the weather stopped dry....
Back home in the sunshine, listening to non stop classic 60s hits!
 In need of a strong coffee!
Off to my other job.
It was a co-worker's last day.
I gave him a card from me last week...
I still signed the work leaving card...
We were all gathered together to say Goodbye to him...
Speeches were said like:
"We had a our good and bad times, it's called work!"
(I thought that sounded like a song title)
He was given his Leaving card and present.
While I went into the factory,
He was staying goodbye to the workers in there.
He came over to me, and told me to put my mop bucket down for a goodbye hug.
He said beforehand...."No Tongues!"
I laughed, and "Wished him well for the future!"
I bought something home for my Gerbils to play in...↓
At least my Body Shop order arrived...
Having dry skin is not fun....
At least this keeps it at bay....↓
I got our evening meal sorted...
Amazing what you can put together...
Mince, Spinach, garlic, red onions,can of chopped tomatos, and ginger, with a packet of Linguine....
We had four empty plates...
We caught up with Gordon in↓
 There were some shocking hotels from what we watched....
We were all surposed to be going to bed early......
Someone had to sort their cooking stuff out,
10 minutes before their bedtime!
I'm just hoping for a dry Hump tomorrow and not a wet one! 

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