Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Tuesday 13 December 2016

Fancy A Bit...?

After finishing the Scout Cake yesterday.
 It was time for a quick play with my Henry.
Dining room nice and tidy for the second cake to be made for Friday.
Once that cake is made.
Put away the boxes of cake decorating crap.
In their place, the boxes of card making crap.
This year's Christmas cards got to be made.
I got soaked doing part 2 of Job 1.
One car driver had the nerve to park on the zig zags.
I went over to remind him not to park on them.
The parents in front of me, moved out of the way,
Like parting of the Red Sea.
After I told the car driver,
He thought about what I said, and drove off.
At least everyone at Scouts liked my cake 
At the Scouts Christmas Party :)

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