Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Saturday, 12 September 2015

Playing With The Fondant

Still got up 6am this morning to finish off the baking.
The Victoria Sponge failed twice.
The Lemon Drizzle cake sunk when it came out of the oven :@
The plan I had for my cupcakes sunk without a trace
Oh dear, rushing around trying to bake,have coffee, and roll fondant!
Time was a ticking, first I played with white then black fondant icing.
I inserted the last eyeball into the last sheep, time now for the mad dash.
It was 10.15am, all my items had to be booked in and displayed by 11am.
I had 2 minutes to spare!
I returned to discover I had won First Prize for my Chocolate Cake.
I also finished runner up twice in two categories.
Now to take off the concrete baking shoes, and sit down for a bit,while eat some cake I have made!

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