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Monday 28 September 2015

No To The Coconut!!

Woo hoo it's Monday once more.
Back on the wobbly work wheel.
I had a lie in until 5am!!!
Once I had done two jobs,
time to wash the ever growing head of hair.
(It's now been longest for ten years!)
I joked with my dad,I need to shave it all off to number 1!!
"You will look like a coconut " he said folding his arms in disgust.
So my long hair is staying for the moment I suppose!

Sunday 12 July 2015

Not Quite A Coconut....

It's Sunday once more.
Thanked my hubby for the flowers this morning,
By jumping on him.....
My fringe is far too long, and I have to keep flicking it out of my eyes.
I have been tempted to get it all shaved off, to have a number 1 hairstyle.
But my dad moans I look like a coconut and it's not very ladylike!
Doing anything to stop my dad from moaning....
So the head of hair stops for a while....
And I look like a L-A-D-Y
So had the hair trimmed, but still has the 1970's sideburns!