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Tuesday 7 May 2019

Gone Off The Sausage!

Doing nothing is very hard to do…you never know when you’re finished - Leslie Nielsen
Back on that Wobbly Work Wheel 🎡
After the Bank Holiday Weekend...
I had the nudge for breakfast in bed 🛏
I gave everyone sloppy 💋💋💋 before they left...
I meanwhile had lots to do....
Dishwasher went on,
Followed by the 
washing machine and tumble drier...
As the sun was shining,
I watered my plants in the garden...
As I had no soup left...
I had to make do with↓
 Back on the Wobbly Work Wheel..
 I left my rain mac at home as NO RAIN was forcasted.....
Quick look at the Birthdays↓
 David  Tomlinson: was an English stage, film and television actor and comedian. Having been described as both a leading man and a character actor, he is primarily remembered for his roles as authority figure George Banks in Mary Poppins, fraudulent magician Professor Emelius Browne in Bedknobs and Broomsticks and as hapless antagonist Peter Thorndyke in The Love Bug. Tomlinson was posthumously inducted as a Disney Legend in 2002. 
He would have been 102 years old.
He died aged 83 years old in 2000)
 William Lyle Richardson, known professionally as Darren McGavin, was an American actor. He was known for his portrayals of worldly, often somewhat gruff characters.He appeared in X-files and
Kolchak: The Night Stalker (1974–1975).
He would have been 97 years old.
(He died aged 83 in 2006) 
Rick West [ Born Richard Westwood],He was the lead guitarist of The Tremeloes from 1961 - 2012.(Altogether without Brian Poole the group had nine Uk Top 20)
He is 76 years old.
Eddie Rabbitt : Was an American singer and songwriter. His career began as a songwriter in the late 1960s, springboarding to a recording career after composing hits such as "Kentucky Rain" for Elvis Presley in 1970 and "Pure Love" for Ronnie Milsap in 1974.
He died aged 56 in 1998.
Ray Harryhausen : Was an American-born British artist, designer, visual effects creator, writer and producer who created a form of stop-motion model animation known as "Dynamation".
His most memorable works include: working with his mentor Willis H. O'Brien on the animation for Mighty Joe Young (1949), which won the Academy Award for Best Visual Effects; his first color film, The 7th Voyage of Sinbad (1958); and Jason and the Argonauts (1963), which featured a famous sword fight with seven skeleton warriors. His last film was Clash of the Titans (1981), after which he retired.
He died aged 92 in 2013
 Mamas & Papas "Monday Monday" hits #1 in 1966.
  There was sign of rain whatsover↓
 I was wrong as normal....
Good job I had my jacket on,
Or it would have been a Wet T-shirt competition!
I goes round to see my dad after work.
My younger brother and his wife was tidying up the house!!!!
(Makes a change from me doing it!)
I had to hurry back home as I have another job to do!
 A quick gulp of coffee and change of skirt, I went off to work...
My dad's hospital bed was being delivered between 5pm-8pm.
My two kids were there to wait for it.Once hubby had finished work, he too helped setting it up, so my dad could sleep in it tonight.
When all three males of the house arrived back, their evening meal was ready.
I declined to share, as I have gone off sausages.....
Once Dish washer was loaded up, we caught up with:
Louis Theroux on Netflix.
 I stick to gambling with 1p and 2p when we go and play on the slots on the South Pier in Blackpool, when we go on holiday....
Hoping for a dry Hump Day tomorrow🐫