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Wednesday 18 September 2019

Being Glücklich In The Sunshine!

I'd rather be hated for who I am,than loved for who I am not - Kurt Cobain
Welcome to my Hump of the Week 🐫
It's going to be another warm one \o/
 I enjoyed a warm hug and a nice cup of tea in bed↓
 Some of the German words,
One of my sons have to learn at school↓
 Good job I have lots of einen Sinn fur Humour haben!
Gave everyone lots of wet 💋💋💋 before they left the house.
I meanwhile enjoyed coffee and vitamin C↓ 
 More washing was put on the line...
Light Lunch time!
  Now out for a little ride in Sexy Beast
Big Big sunglasses😎
 It's not getting too warm yet!
Lets do some singing along to get warm...
 Gets to work,
Nice and warm!
Paper time...
 Nice Blue skies!
 I Had a nice red face when I left work!

More singing needs to be done....
 My son's papers and new trolley was delivered.
 Time for...
 Then off to the Happy Place Of Work..
Such a hard choice to have↓
 Didn't fancy any....
Back home↓
 For lolly,
As I was well warm...↓
 Nice jacket potato for tea...
 We nipped to Morrisons to stock up on some supplies..
Look what is back↓
A bit smaller than I remembered!
Off to final job of the day with some good music...
One of my favourite songs came onto to do a great solo to...
(It's at the end of the blog post) 
I got back to catch up with 
Interior Design Masters 
Then I dragged a tired hubby to bed for a snuggle or even more? 


Wednesday 3 April 2019

Third Time Lucky!

Never rub another's man rhubarb - The Joker.
Welcome to Hump of the week 🐫
The sun still hasn't returned yet.. 
Gave everyone a big sloppy 💋 before they left.
I go outside to get some fresh air...
The sun is coming up at last..
 Last night's frost on the lawn↓
Slipped on the gardening gloves...
The rhubarb that came yesterday,
got planted↓
 Coffee time↓
 Some nice soup↓
The blossom looking good↓
 The sun is back \o/
 Still freezing...↑
Listened to and sung along with some great tunes....
Birthday Time
Doris Day:Is an American actress, singer, and animal welfare activist.She was usually one of the top ten singers between 1951 and 1966. As an actress, she became the biggest female film star in the early 1960s, and ranked sixth among the box office performers by 2012. In 2011, she released her 29th studio album, My Heart, which became a UK Top 10 album featuring new material.
She is 97 years old. 
Marlon Brando : Was an American actor and film director. With a career spanning 60 years, he is well-regarded for his cultural influence on 20th-century film. Brando's Academy Award-winning performances include that of Terry Malloy in On the Waterfront (1954) and Don Vito Corleone in The Godfather (1972).He would have been 95 years old.
(He died aged 80 in 2004)
 William  Gaunt : Is an English actor.After minor roles in 1960s series such as Z-Cars and The Avengers, and the Edgar Wallace Mysteries movies The Sinister Man (1961) and Solo for Sparrow (1962), he gained a role as the super-powered secret agent Richard Barrett in the 1968 British espionage/science fiction series The Champions.Between 1983 and 1987 he starred as harassed father Arthur Crabtree in the sitcom No Place Like Home.He is 82 years old.
Jonathan Lynn: Is an English stage and film director, producer, writer and actor. He directed comedy films such as Nuns on the Run, My Cousin Vinny, and The Fighting Temptations and earlier co-created and co-wrote the TV series Yes Minister and Yes, Prime Minister. He is 76 years old.
Barry Pritchard: He was one of the founding members of The Fortunes.(Here it Comes Again, You've Got Your Troubles).
He would have been 75 years old.
(He died aged 55 in 1999) 
Mary Ure:Was a Scottish stage and film actress. She was the second Scottish-born actress (after Deborah Kerr) to be nominated for an Academy Award, for her role in the 1960 film Sons and Lovers.She died aged 42 in 1975.
 The 1976 Eurovision Song Contest was staged in the Netherlands and Brotherhood of Man performed the song, dressed in red, white and black with simple choreography devised by Guy Lutman. "Save Your Kisses for Me" took the title with an overwhelming victory.
The sun is coming out!
 I forgot my rain mac,
As we had a storm of hailstones!
It still wasn't very warm↓
 I was hoping the weather was going to stop dry....
I had two more rhubarb plants arrived.
Gardening Gloves On Again!
Time to pot them with the other two.↓
 Coffee and nibble time↓
 I had some time on my hands,
So I repaired our front gate.
The new gate is arriving Saturday.
 Front of the house is looking nice↓
 Goes up to do other job.
No cake until Lent!↓
 I came back to coffee and a quiche made by my youngest son at school↓
 We nip to Morrisons...
Couldn't resist....↓
Third time lucky for the Gardening Gloves.. 
It was soon put in the ground.
Now to do a tasty chicken stir fry↓
I have my fingers and toes crossed for tomorrow as Sexy Beast is having his MOT done... 
I WILL BE needing my rain mac tomorrow... 
(I won't be need to water my plants either!)